The New Vegan CookbookThe New Vegan Cookbook” has been sitting on my shelf for much too long without having the spine cracked. Sometimes things are too hectic to try out new things, and I feel like my life recently has been a good example of that.

Regardless, The New Vegan Cookbook has the prettiest pictures of any of the cookbooks I have yet to give a good run, so it was first in line for a little review.


I think many of you will agree: pictures are one of the most important parts to any cookbook. If you’re going to actually cook (and not just look) recipes are obviously the most important, but it’s the pictures that get you motivated to cook all the delicious things on those pages. Words just aren’t as motivational.

The pictures are the best part of this cookbook. If the cover is any indication to you, “The New Vegan Cookbook” is full of beautiful pictures, on almost every other page. Unlike most cookbooks, which only highlight a few recipes in pictures, this one has colorful pictures of almost every recipe. I’m not much of a browser, but this is the one cookbook I look through just for fun.


“The New Vegan Cookbook” has great, healthy recipes. While many cookbooks (and I do not fault them for this) focus on desserts and rich foods, “The New Vegan Cookbook” has almost entirely healthy, veggie-based recipes.

My only complaint is that the directions might be a little hard to understand. Reading through I have a bit of trouble keeping things in order, though that may be as much my fault as the cookbook’s. Otherwise, the directions and ingredients are easily accessible and the book is very easy to read from while cooking.

Overall Impression

This is already one of my favorite cookbooks. It may be a little small, with only about 100 recipes, but I’ve had good experiences with it and the wonderful pictures lead me to believe I will continue to have good experiences with the recipes I find in it. It’s not too expensive and it’s definitely worth picking up a copy of “The New Vegan Cookbook.”

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