The Food RevolutionIt’s been a while since I actually read the Food Revolution, so this review will be a bit abbreviated because of the fog of time, but I wanted to say a few things about the book in any case.

Written by John Robbins, son of the Robbins of ice cream fame, The Food Revolution is a hard look at the way we eat in the United States. My first impression of the book was that the writing style was a little annoying, to be frank. Robbins tends to ramble on about personal anecdotes or go on tangents that can be, frankly, a little boring and quite a bit distracting.

However, if you can get past that (or if that sort of thing doesn’t bother you), it is a quite informative book. Robbins focuses on established studies from major institutions, while at the same time working to debunk some of the crap the comes out of the press rooms of the meat and dairy industry.

Rather than being a whiny sort of “vegans are good because animals have souls too” sort of book, The Food Revolution doesn’t focus on the buzzword of veganism. The focus, instead, is on personal health, factory farming, and the use of genetically modified organisms. On this point, it is a very powerful, and, I think, convincing piece of reading.

Unlike many books that tackle the topic of food and veganism, this is one I would show to a non-vegan interested in these issues. Check out the book on Amazon if you want to pick up a copy.

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